Pricing Guide

It all comes down to how much is this going to cost, right?

Here's our rule of thumb. There are times that your project may be more or less colors than meet the eye, or you want a different brand than our standard... all things that will effect the price. But here's a starting point...


12 24 48 100 150 500 1000
Short Sleeve $10/ea $7/ea $6.75/ea $6.50/ea $6.00/ea $5.00/ea $4.50
2 color $1/ea $1/ea $1.00/ea $1.00/ea $.75/ea $.75/ea $.75/ea
Adtl Location $1.50/ea $1.50/ea $1.50/ea $1.50/ea $1.25/ea $1.00/ea $1.00/ea


  • Minimum 12 items (same design & color)
  • 7-10 business day turnaround time expected
  • 30% deposit for new customers before production starts
  • Payment is due in full when shirts are received to customer
  • Sales tax is NOT included in above pricing
  • Tax exempt letter or certificate must be sent before invoiced
  • Minimum order of 12 when re-ordering items with 2 or more colors, or $15 setup fee
  • Will hold screens for 1 week after pick up
  • If you want screens help longer there is a $10 per month per screen fee 


Long Sleeves +$3
Hoodies +$10
Zip Ups +$15
Pocket +$2
V-Neck +$2
Dri Fit/Triblend +$3
2XL +$2
Per X After +$1
Ladies Fit +$2
Sweatpants +$7
Names +$2
Numbers +$2.50


No interest in a quantity of 12? If you're at 8 or more, message us and we'll try to help! If you only need a handful a $35 setup fee will be added to the prices above.